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IT Engineer Post at TOZEN


TOZEN Corporation is looking for an IT Engineer,details as below:
Our company name is TOZEN Corporation, located in Yoshikawa, Saitama, Japan. We are a manufactuer for all kinds of industrial vibration isolation joints, including rubber and stainless steel, etc. Please refer to our homepage for more information

This time we are looking for an IT engineer who will help our new production and sales system used in our Tozen group, including Japan, China, and other SourthEast Asia countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, Philippine, etc. So we expect this engineer who can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese (a plus). Please refer to our detailed job descriptions below.

One IT engineer: Will graduate from the school in majoring IT related in March or already graduated.
Age: Up to 31 years old.
Job: Duties at IT team in Tozen Corporation (Japan).

Skill Requirement:
Network: TCP/IP basic, and ActiveDirectory basic.
PC Language: SQL, VB, C++, JAVA, HTML, PHP, etc.

Language ability:
English, Japanese. (Chinese is a plus.)
Others: The ability of communication and motivation are desirable.


  • Server management (Plan, Selection, Purchase, Maintenance, Backup/Log surveillance, etc.)
  • IT equipments management (Selection, Purchase, Maintenance, Operation support, etc.)
  • Development and maintenance for System (Plan, Development, Purchase, Maintenance, Operation support, etc.)
  • Network management (Plan, Selection, Purchase, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Duty for improving operation work (Operation support, Operation flow work improvement, etc.)

Place to work:
From 2012, this IT engineer will work in Yoshikawa, Saitama Japan to perform system development duties as OJT first.
In the future, it is possible to be dispatched to our other sales offices in Southeast countries, including Singapore
to perform the similar duties.

Same condition as Japanese graduates

Please kindly give me your feedback for the possibility of our request.

Min Hirose
TOZEN Corporation

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