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【Report & Bulletin】MSAJ x JAGONG ‘s Hanami 2012

On Saturday, 7th April 2012, MSAJ Kantou division had organized a hanami party. It was held at the Yoyogi Park located near Harajuku which is the largest park in Tokyo, Japan. Considering that ‘hanami’ is one of the famous Japanese traditional cultures celebrated annually to enjoy the cherry blossom, therefore MSAJ also took the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of sakura with all the Malaysians near the Kantou region. The park was already half full early in the morning. Fortunately we managed to reserve quite a comfortable and proper spot.

The  preparation started on 9 am and the real event started around 10 am. Even though this event didn’t required registration from any Malaysian students but the hanami party was held officially in special collaboration with JAGONG ( a Faceboook group aiming to gather all Malaysians in Japan, students and working professionals ). This event gathered not only Malaysians but also a few Japanese colleagues. There were nearly 200 peoples, students and non-students that had joined this year hanami party.

There were many activities apart from eating and enjoying the beauty of sakura such as the lucky draw, photography contest and students interchange. The photography contest was organized with the idea of taking picture of the fascinating view of the cherry blossom as they bloom only last for a week or two. At the same time, the lucky draw which consists of nearly 50 different types of prizes kept the participants thrilled and amused of waiting whoever fortunate and able to get the strike. Along the event, MSAJ including other new Malaysia students that had just arrived to Japan got the chance to come together and exchange their experiences, stories and ideas with the JAGONG’s members.

The hanami party ended around 3.30pm when all the activities finished. After packing up all the things and cleaning up the place, we scattered along and say goodbye to each other. It was a pleasant and joyous moment for all of us despite the fact that the park was overcrowded with people. This year Hanami was a successful event for the MSAJ. As for hanami in the next year, MSAJ will be delighted to organize the same prosperous and memorable event like this year and hopefully there are more people willing to participate and join the party with us.


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