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【Report & Bulletin】MSAJ x PPI Badminton Competition 2012

Badminton competition 2011 Report

Date: 15th July 2012

Time: 9.00am ~ 6.00pm

Venue: University of Electro-Communications(電気通信大学)

A badminton competition was held in the University of Electro-Communications(電気通信大学) on 15th July 2012 from 9am till 6pm. This is the second year this event was held and it was a collaboration with PPI(Indonesian Student Assiociation in Japan). The purpose of this event is to give a chance for Malaysians and Indonesians to know each other through sports.

The purpose of the party are as follows:

  1. To create a chance for Malaysians and Indonesians to know each other through sports.
  2. To create sportsmanship.
  3. To create a bond with other students assiociations from other countries in Japan.

Details about the event

  1. 1.     Attendance

About 70 people turned out for the event. There were 3 teams(group of 5 to 6people) from the Indonesian side, 6 teams from the Malaysians and 1 special team from Malaysian & Indonesian which participated in the team event and there were 7 pairs of mixed doubles which registered in the competition.

  1. 2.     Event

l  Team event

The team event consists of 5person per team. 2 doubles and a single. 2000 yen of registration fees were collected from each team. A total of 10 teams(3 teams from Indonesia, 6 teams from Malaysia and 1 team from Malaysian & Indonesian) joined this event.

l  Mixed doubles

A 800 yen registration fees was collected from each of the pairs who joined this event. A total of 7 pairs(6 teams from Malaysia and 1 team from Indonesia) joined this event.

  1. 3.     Results

l  Team event

1st    IBS (Indonesia)

2nd   Garuda Merah Putih (Indonesia)

3rd   De Spirit (Malaysia)

4th   Borneo (Malaysia & Indonesia)


l  Mixed doubles

1st   Suka-suka (Malaysia)

2nd   Mad (Malaysia)

3rd   Power (Malaysia)

4th   Toko (Malaysia)


  1. 4.     Total Expenses

The total expenses of this event is 49290 yen. Since this event is a collaboration of MSAJ and PPI, the amount will be divided into 2 and MSAJ will bear an amount of 24645 yen. The detailed expenses and income will be attached in the end of this report.

Picture during the events

Reported by,                                             30th July 2012

Cheng Wei Shen

Sports and Recreation Bureau

Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan} else {

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