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【Report & Bulletin】The 7th ASEAN Festival

The 7th ASEAN Festival!!!!

An event held jointly by 10 ASEAN countries members annually to promote ASEAN countries.

This year, it was held on the 8th July 2012(Sunday), at the Hollywood School of Beauty and Fashion, Roppongi Hills.

There were presentations from each country’s representatives, a booth for each country (selling local delicacies and promoting), fashion show and cultural performances.

It was an eye-opener to visitors with the varieties of cultural performances and fashion shows performed by every ASEAN country’s members.

This year’s ASEAN festival was a huge success as we managed to get the supports from ASEAN embassies and Ambassadors. Furthermore, there were more than 1000 visitors on that very day.

So, in conclusion, it was AWESOME and FUN!

If you had missed this year’s ASEAN festival, stay tuned with MSAJ bulletins for the next ASEAN festival’s news.

Pictures during the event

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