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【Report & Bulletin】MSAJ Essay Competition 2012

In conjunction with the 30th Look East Policy Celebration and the 45th Malaysia Independence Day, MSAJ has organised an essay writing competition. The purpose of this competition is to provide an opportunity for Malaysian students in Japan to present their thoughts and brilliant ideas on these 3 themes; Nationalism, 30 Years of Look East Policy and Globalism.

Details of the competition

There were 6 students who registered. However, only 4 of them sent in their entry.
Since there are only 4 participants, MSAJ decided to give prizes to all the participants. Here are the winners with their essay’s title:

1st Place : Abdul Nasir bin Abd Ghafar
“Nationalism : Perjuangannya Bermula di Sini”
2nd Place : Ely Amylin binti Razlan
“Globalism, the Economic and Social Dimensions”
3rd Place : Norazirah Aqilah binti Azlan
“There’s Gotta Be A Change”
4th Place : Mak Khar Loon
“Dream Fulfilled”

3)Total Expenses
The prize for the winners is cash money as stated below. The total expenses for the prizes is 65000 yen.

1st Place        : 30000 yen
2nd Place      : 20000 yen
3rd Place       : 10000 yen
4th Place       : 5000 yen

We hope that more students will join this essay competition in the future since it is a very great opportunity to voice out your opinions and ideas to the society.

Below are the essays of the winners:
<1st place>
<2nd place>
<3rd place>
<4th place>

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