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【Report & Bulletin】MSAJ Sports Festival 2012

Malaysian Students Association Japan Sports Festival for 2012 was held on the 24th November 2012 at CK Square Niiza, Saitama Prefecture. This event is held annually to provide the opportunity to Malaysian students in Japan to showcase their talent in sports. It also acts as a gathering for students to catch up on each other and have fun together. This year, the two types of sports competed were futsal and bowling.

20 futsal teams and 15 bowling teams participated in this event totaling around 300 people including supporters. Each futsal team comprised of 8 players and each bowling teams comprised of a pair of players. Participants include Malaysian Embassy staffs, professionals and students who came as far from Hokkaido took take part in this event.

This year’s event received the best response so far as the futsal registration was full in only a short 48 hours and there were many requests to increase the number of teams. Unfortunately, due the limitation of manpower and venue’s capacity, there were only 20 futsal teams.

At the end of the event, team Tsukuba was the champion of the futsal competition followed up by the Niigata team whilst Kitami Rambam Team held third place. For bowling, the winner was Ayam Brand team and the runner up was Malaysia Embassy team. All prizes were handed by Mrs Noor Hidayu Hashim, our PPL Tokyo officer to the winners.

Overall, this was a very successful event. We believe a bigger venue and more manpower will be needed to make this a better event in the future.


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