Designing Your Life in Japan Seminar

An event by Sakura Group Corporation that will transform your life!
Start designing your life in Japan to meaningful,contented and effective life;both personally and professionally.
This seminar will cover on topic how to improve your thoughts and have a well-balanced life.
We invite you to take the first step to have a clear vision to be in Japan by realign your thought,reconnect your discovery in Japan and step into action for your better future.


Mr. Sakura Koji is the founder of Sakura Group Corporation and Nurhan World Co.With an experience of over 25 years in entrepreneurial sector in various fields like operating trading business,health care products and consulting firm in Middle East and Asia.He is also the founder of Reunion International.He strongly believes that ” A man can only rise,conquer and success by lifting up his thoughts”.

Mr.Sakura Koji have practiced Shorinji Kenpo for more than 25 years and Aikido for some years.His martial arts training refined his mental and physical skills,enabling him to make every minute count,and accomplish numerous achievements in his business.He will give you key insight on how to successfully organized your thoughts and expect great things of yourself.

#Seminar will be conducting in English&Japanese.

For full details, refer to http://designyourlife.peatix.com/

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