MSAJ Welcome Party 2013


We welcome all Malaysians and also our international friends to our gathering. Let’s take this opportunity to welcome our new juniors and at the same time, gather with our dear friends in Japan and have a great party out of it!

Better take this chance to play all you want before the the hectic schedule creeps upon you!
This time, we have Treasure Hunt and Bingo which will definitely make your day packed with entertainment.

The new and exciting Treasure Hunt which will be done this time is made of simple rules and we have prizes for the top 5 teams. However, the anticipated Treasure Hunt’s rules will remain a mystery until it officially starts as we love to keep you guys curious and wouldn’t like to break the fun.

We also have Bingo which was held 2 years back, replacing our Lucky Draw which promises you lucrative prizes from Sony, Apple, Audio Technica, etc that you would definitely yearn for. So, take this chance and win these prizes (15 prizes in total).

Thus, we’ll be awaiting for your arrival to make this event a memorable one to each and every of us especially for our dear juniors!!

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