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BIO* Students Contact Information in Japan for KANEKA Green Polymer Project in Malaysia

Refer to above matter, we would like to get information of Malaysian students (email or contact number) who are studying BIO course in Japan to invite them to join our talk regarding “Green Polymer Project in Malaysia”. For detail information please refer to below explanation.

Job Vacancies for Malaysian Japanese Graduated “BIO*” Students
KANEKA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (subsidiary of KANEKA Corporation)

We are seeking for Malaysian “BIO” student in Japan especially in Degree (4th year), Master & PHD student (not bonded with JPA/any universities) to join our company. We will join MSAJ Career Fair on May 26th (concentrate on Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical students) and special talk for BIO-students will be held on May 27th at KANEKA Tokyo Office (for Tokyo & North Area of Japan) and KANEKA Osaka Office on May 28th & 29th (for Osaka & South Area of Japan).

* BIO = Bio-engineering, Bio-chemistry, Bio-process, Bio-polymer, Material Science (polymer) : related with Bio technology and chemical (especially polymer).

Introduction of our “Green Polymer Project” in Malaysia
“The world’s first completely bio-based polymer with soft and heat-resistant properties KANEKA Biopolymer AONILEX™. This biodegradable polymer, which uses vegetable fats and oils and other biomass as its primary raw materials, eventually degrades into carbon dioxide and water. With excellent biodegradability and heat resistance characteristics, we expect that it will be used in a wide variety of applications, including for materials used in agriculture, civil engineering, packaging and automobile interiors, and that it will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the preservation of the environment.”

Just for your information, I’m a graduate from Toyota College of Technology (2002-2005) and Nagaoka University of Technology (2005-2007) : Ex-Japan student.
Kindly, please contact me if you need further clarification. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Email :
Phone:  +609 582 6197 |  Mobile: +6017 248 4576


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