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Electronics Services Campaign & Part Time Job Offer


Jellyfish Inc. was established in March 2007 and is mainly based in Tokyo, Japan. Our main business is in telecommunications and our company has been operating on behalf of major telecommunications carrier in Japan such as NTT, Softbank and Wimax. Our company’s strength lies in a variety of sales techniques and sales alliance with different companies;we also have the strength to support multiple languages such as Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Chinese.

Our company is also known for providing Student Visa Assistance and Student Assistance in general. We provide comprehensive student assistance from finding a a house, to application for internet and mobile phone and assistance in looking for an arubaito(part-time job).

We have office in Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. Jellyfish Inc. is in the process of expanding the business in other foreign markets in and outside Japan, in line with the company’s vision and mission to globally grow in other countries.

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