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MSAJ Welcome Party 2013 Report

On the 14 of April (Saturday), MSAJ collaborated with Kelab UMNO Jepun (KUJ) in organizing a Welcome Party at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo. The event served as a platform for new students who have just arrived to Japan recently to make acquaintances besides promoting MSAJ’s activities to them. Unfortunately, the sakura blooming season was coming to an end by the time the event was held. Nevertheless, the event went smoothly as picnic with games and prizes was participated by a lively and vibrant crowd that was gathered under the radiant Tokyo sunshine.

    In the presence of around 50 people, the event started at 10am with speeches given by both the President of MSAJ and KUJ respectively, followed by the tradition of the cake cutting ceremony. The main menu served was nasi ayam (chicken rice) with desserts and snacks to go along with. This event served as an ice breaker not only to the participants but for the organizer as well as it was the first event organized together with the new committee members.

    This event was filled with loads of activities with the main activity being the treasure hunt that was fascinating as the participants were given interesting tasks such as taking pictures with a Japanese family. Other than that, there was also a lucky draw event that offered 15 lucrative prizes for grabs. The participants also took part in games such as football and Frisbee.

    The party ended at 3:30pm. We packed everything and bid farewell to each other but we know that we will meet again. This year’s welcome party wasn’t as successful as last year’s but it fulfilled its purpose as a platform for the new students to get to know each other. A suggestion for next year would be to hold this event during the cherry blossom peak season.

Event photos: Click HERE!

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