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MSAJ x UNISC visit to the Embassy of Malaysia

Date: 7 June 2013 (Fri)
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Attended by 10 students (Malaysian & Japanese).

Hosted by Tuan Syed Farizal Aminy, the counsellor of embassy.

This visit was originally proposed by Izawa Souichiro of UNISC when we first met earlier this year. After a delay and several rounds of contact with the the embassy, we were finally given the green light to proceed with the visit.

In total, 12 students had registered but eventually 10 students attended. For the participants, I was the only Malaysian and the rest were Japanese students from various universities, mostly from UNISC.

Our session was hosted by the counsellor of embassy, Encik Syed Farizal Aminy. The session was conducted mostly in English and En Syed Farizal started with a brief history of the independence of Malaysia to let the Japanese participants understand better before proceeding with further questions.

Among the topics discussed were:
– British’s influence to the administration of Malaysia
– Malaysia’s rotating monarchy system
– Relationship between Malaysia with neighborhood countries
– What can Japan learn from SEA countries to deal with territorial problem
– Effects of Japan joining TPP
– Influence of USA to the Japanese government

It was an informative session as we discussed the issues, as En Syed Farizal managed to explain difficult topics in a relatively easy manner, making it easier to understand. As himself studied in Japan before, his familiarity of Japan definitely helped to make relevant comparison between Malaysia & Japan.

We would like to thank En Syed Farizal for his valuable insights that helped us to understand Malaysia better.

Prepared by
Cliff Cheng Ling Fan
Bureau of Welfare & Communication
Malaysian Students Association in Japan

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