【Academic】20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013

If you are interested in a congress focusing on traffic-related issues including environment, energy, safety and traffic congestion, you’re in luck as the 20th ITS World Congress is going on in Tokyo now!

The theme of the 20th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is “Open ITS to the Next.” Next-generation ITS will address a variety of traffic-related issues, including the environment, energy, safety and traffic congestion. In addition it will contribute to enhancing quality of life while answering society’s need for accurate and prompt responses to disasters and other unexpected events. In the next-generation ITS era, automobiles and other means of mobility will be embedded as a component of the social network.
Interested in this congress? Click on the link below!

Details: Tuesday, October 15 ~ Friday, October 18, 2013 / Tokyo Big Sight

Theme: “Open ITS to the Next”
Expected Attendants: 8,000 people from 60 countries ( 4,000 people Registered Delegates )
Exhibition: 700 booths
Papers: 1,000 papers
Sessions: 250 sessions


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