【Event】Multicultural Cafe

Have fun talking and doing things together in this culture exchange cooking event between foreigners and Japanese.
This time, the theme is Rice of the World and they are planning to come up with an original Shinjuku recipe using rice.
To those who love to cook, or wanted to try new cooking, go and try your skills there!!!
More details below.

Official Page :

Date :
①30th November 2013(Sat)
②14th December 2013(Sat)
③18th January 2014(Sat)
④8th February 2014(Sat)

Time : 11am~2pm

Venue :
① 4F  Tatami  Conference  Room,  Shinjuku  Cultural  Center (6-14-1  Shinjuku,  Shinjuku  City)
②~④ 11F  Cooking  room,  Yotsuya Community  Center (87 Naito – cho, Shinjuku)d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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