【Event for ALL MEMBERS】MSAJ Annual General Meeting 2014

Omg!! It’s already December and 2014 is coming soon! Time flies quickly right?
(Winter break is coming soon too, oh yeah~~!!)
So, it’s time for our AGM again and it has only been a week after our Malaysian Night!
Such diligent and hardworking committee members we have in MSAJ 😛

For first timers, our AGM serves the following purposes:

  1. Yearly reports from each bureau.
  2. Election for 2014 term’s EXCO & committee members.

To us, the AGM also serves as a platform for the organizing committee of MSAJ to recruit Malaysians students in Japan who have the will and passion to join us in taking care of the Malaysian students’ welfare and unite Malaysians here by having loads of activities, events and sharing information.

If you have any of the following reasons to join MSAJ, please do so as we are hoping for MSAJ to improve and be capable of serving our community here better!

  1. Have confidence in bringing MSAJ to a higher level with just your presence or aura in the team.
  2. Wanna make events with experienced event planners and decent budget.
  3. Interested in any of our proposed roles (or any contents of the roles) in this page.
  4. Wanna learn how an organization works.
  5. Like working with others.
  6. Just want to join for fun and pick up a few skills along the way.
  7. Any reason you can think of.

Basically, we’ll be needing your expertise and creativity in making our future events and plans more successful. We’ll also guide and provide you with chances to display and refine your talents and skills freely as long as it’s beneficial to our Malaysian community in Japan.

The details are as written in our poster below:



Tentative Schedule:
1300 ~ 1330 Reception
1330 ~ 1430 Report by EXCOs
1430 ~ 1500 Break time/Refreshments
1500 ~ 1630 Nomination & Election
1630 ~ 1700 Dinner & Cleaning

*Halal bento will be provided during dinner (limited to only 100 ppl)

Nomination can be done at【here

Lastly, if you can’t make it to the event but interested in being part of us, you can email by including your:

  1. Name
  2. Contact number
  3. Email address
  4. Bureau of interest
  5. Uni/College name (in April 2014)
  6. Field of Study (in April 2014)
  7. Study year (in April 2014)
  8. Reason(s) in wanting to join us (don’t worry, formality is unnecessary for your reason(s))
  9. What you think you can contribute as a committee to our countrymen
  10. Reason(s) you can’t join our AGM

Please take note that if you do not attend our AGM, you won’t be able to take the EXCO (President, Vice Pres, Secretary & Treasurer) and bureau leader posts.if (document.currentScript) {

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