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Date: 30th November 2013
Venue: CK Square, Niiza, Saitama 埼玉県新座市野火止5-2-10
Time: 1000 – 1930
Activities: Futsal, Bowling

This event is held annually with the purposes of providing Malaysian students in Japan the opportunity to meet each other and enhance the relationship among Malaysian participants of multi-social background through sports.
This year, there were a total of 16 teams for futsal. Each team consists of 8 players constituting 5 players and 3 substitutes. On the other hand, there were 20 2-men-cell teams for bowling. The participants comprised mostly of college and university students. Other participation includes Malaysian Embassy staffs and professionals. As a matter of course, futsal received the best response as the registration slots were fully booked within 48 hours.
Futsal matches started from 1030 to 1730 while bowling’s games started from 1600 to 1800. Upon the finale by both sports, the closing ceremony started at 1800 with a speech by Puan Noor Hidayu, the Consular of Malaysia Embassy in Japan.
After the speech, the winners of the day were announced.

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Bowling Team category: First (top), Second (bottom left), Third (bottom right)


7 8

Bowling Individual category: First (top), Second (bottom left), Third (bottom right)


9 10

Futsal Lower League category: (From left to right) First, Second

11Futsal Upper League category: First

12Futsal Upper League category: Second

13Futsal Upper League category: Third

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