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●時間:14:00 ~ 18:30 (13:30~受付開始)
●会場:日本アセアンセンター・アセアンホール (東京都港区新橋6-17-19新御成門ビル1F)
●共催:アスジャインタナショナル、ASEAN Community – Japan
①このイベントページで「参加予定」をクリックしてください もしくは
日ASEAN国・文化紹介プレゼンテーション 「恋愛事情」「伝説&風習」に引き続き、今回の発表テーマは「スクールライフ&卒業」!
日ASEAN貿易ゲーム 奥が深い大人のゲーム「貿易ゲーム」を日ASEANバージョンにアレンジ!日ASEAN混合チームに分かれて対戦し、優勝チームにはASEANグッズのプレゼントも☆
ASEAN学生サロン みんなが大好きなASEAN料理を囲みながらの歓談タイム♪ みんなで交流を深めましょう!:) たくさんの応募をお待ちしております~!


ASEAN-Japan Centre will be organizing the first ASEAN-Japan Students Intercultural Event for 2014 on Feb 8 (Saturday). For those who would like to meet new friends, know more about ASEAN and extend their network, this is the perfect event for you 🙂 Please see the below for further details :

■Date : February 8, 2014 (Saturday)
■Time : 14:00 ~ 18:30 (13:30~ Door opens)
■Venue : ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre (1F, ShinOnarimon Bldg., 6-17-19 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
*1min walk from A4 exit, Onarimon Sta., Mita-line
*8mins walk from A6 exit, Daimon Sta., Oedo-line
*15mins walk from Karasumori exit, Shimbashi Sta., JR-line)
■Organizer : ASEAN-Japan Centre
■Co-organizers: ASJA International, ASEAN Community- Japan
■ Participants: Japanese university students interested in ASEAN and students from the ASEAN countries
■ Participation fee : FOC (However, advanced reservation needed)
① Please click “Going” on this event page or
②Send your name, nationality, university name and contact details to ajc-pr@asean.or.jp
■ Programs:
(1) Presentations by ASEAN & Japanese Students We had “love & relationship” and “myth & cultural practices” during the previous presentations, this time we are going to have “school life & graduation” as the presentation theme. Students from ASEAN countries and Japan will make presentation in Japanese about the different school lives & graduation ceremony/events of their home countries.
(2) ASEAN-Japan Trading Workshop We will rearrange the educational world trading workshop in ASEAN-Japan version. This is not about just having fun, you can learn more about the trading system and ASEAN countries.Participants will be divided into teams to compete and the winning team will receive presents
(3)ASEAN & Japan Networking Party Light food and drinks will be served while participants can get together, brick the ice and make new friends! Please invite your friends to come together and we look forward to meeting everyone

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