For the first time ever, MSAJ held a collaboration event called “Yokohama Brothers & Sisters Program” with Yamato-Nishi Senior High School, a traditional Japan high school located in Kanagawa Prefectural.

The event is a new type of volunteer program where the volunteers (Malaysian students) spend their time together with the high school students walking around places in Yokohama in order to make them feel comfortable communicating with foreigners (Malaysian) in English before going for a school trip to Malaysia in October 2014.

Although the program started early in the morning at 9:00AM, all the participants gave their full cooperation by coming early to the meeting point, Yokohama Park, without being late. After a little briefing from the school teacher, the volunteers were separated to 24 groups of students. Each groups consists of 5~7 Yamato-Nishi students and 1 Malaysian student. All the groups then started their trip according to the route that they have planned before. Among the places visited were Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama Cosmo World, China Town, and CupNoodles Museum.

The morning session ended at around 12:00PM and the volunteers had some rest and lunch at JICA Yokohama. At around 1:30PM, the evening session started and once again, the volunteers were divided into smaller groups with the students and they went around Yokohama again but with different course. The evening session ended around 3:30PM and all the volunteers and students gathered at Yokohama Park before being dismissed.

It was an interesting and memorable event for both volunteers and the students. Despite the age gap between them, they were able to mingle and chat friendly. The school also hoped to have the same event next year.

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