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【Job Offer】Comprehensive Global Plating Chemical Manufacturer : Meltex

メルテックス_英語版Company Information Session for International Student
13th(Fri) & 26th(Thu) of June in Tokyo

<<Company Introduction>>
★ R&D and manufacturer of surface finishing (plating) chemicals for smartphone, tablet, hybrid car.
★ We are aiming to be world No. 1 through our must-have technology.
★ Expanding rapidly worldwide from “Japan Traditional Manufacturer” to branches in South East Asia.
※Overseas branches : Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, China

<<Field of Strenght>>
Surface Finishing : A must-have technology applied to electronic products (smartphone, tablet) around us.

<<Selection Standard>>
★ Graduated or will be graduating graduate school/ university/college
★ Language ability :
Thai・Korean・Vietnamese・Malay・Indonesia・English・Chinese etc…
★ Charateristic :
・Have the ability to take action in order to achieve their high goal
・Able to present their thought and idea while analyzing and organizing information logically
・Flexible towards new environment

=====Company Information Session=====
Date : 13th (Fri) and 26th (Thu) of June 2014
Venue : Tokyo
Application Form :
※More info about the company will be sent to applicants via email.

リュウカツ・ネットへのお問い合わせ :
■運営会社 株式会社オリジネーター
東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷4丁目19-12 monparte北参道6階
TEL 03-6432-9390 FAX 03-6432-9389
HP 4
■営業時間:平日(月~金) 10:00~18:00

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