Dear Malaysian students in Japan, when was the last time you tasted original locally made Malaysian food?? We believe that many Malaysian students who are studying here in Japan miss our local Malaysia food very much!!

Unlike Thailand/Vietnam/Korean food, Malaysian Restaurants are so scarce and limited in the Tokyo Area. Whenever we crave for Malaysia Food, what we can mostly do is to cook for ourselves with the spices/flavorings that we brought from our homeland, Malaysia (I can only cook Maggie Mee Ayam at home T.T )

So, the Web System Crew of MSAJ is planning to write a comprehensive guide of Malaysian Food around Tokyo Area. Today, the first Malaysian Restaurant we wanna introduce you is … Tadaaa ~

Original Local Malaysian taste at Malay Asian Cuisine @ Shibuya!
Malay Asian Cuisine

Malay Asian Cuisine Website
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Unlike the typical (the traditional kampong style like straw mats, bamboo chairs, emphasizing on the nature of Malaysia) , Malay Asian Cuisine’s interior is rather similar to the modern Izakaya style which is very comfortable .

DSC01236 DSC01237Interior of Malay Asian Cuisine: Modern Relaxing Style

Ok let’s not waste time, let’s look at what kind of Malaysian food that Malay Asia Cuisine offer:
DSC01246Malaysian Asian Cuisine’s temporary menu (when MSAJ crew visited) You can see the prices are totally affordable for students <3 (well, of course it cost more if you order drinks)

Food recommendations by the shop manager, Joe

The traditional Ayam Rendang that Malaysian mothers like to cook

Also our all-time favorite –The Black Pepper Beef <3


This Roti Canai is really ALIKE with the ones we can eat at Malaysia


Not to forget some Chinese food, Roast Chicken (p/s: instead of the meat, the chili sauce is the essential point of the whole dish!!)DSC01262
After the delicious main dishes, not to forget their homemade taste, Pandan Cake!!
DSC01263Are you starving already??

MSAJ Crews overall review of the dining experience at Malay Asian Cuisine :

1) Authentic Original Taste of Malaysian Food
The MSAJ web system crew was really delighted and touched when we tasted the food! The food they served really tasted like the taste of homeland food. Almost no difference and some even tasted better than the food we can get at Malaysia. If you want to introduce your friends from other countries of what REAL Malaysian food is, or sometimes when you crave for original Malaysian food but have nowhere else to go, Malay Asian Cuisine is definitely the best place to visit ♡ I personally like the roti canai (well, the portion was inadequate though)

2) Serves some rare Malaysian Dishes
Beside serving some mainstream dishes such as Nasi Goreng , Nasi Lemak , Sate etc… Malay Asian Cusine also provides many quite a number of unique dishes such as Roast Duck, Satay Rendang Pizza( Wow this doesn’t even exist in Malaysia), Paper chicken (The one we can find in Pasar Malam), Pulut Panggang etc.. How about trying new Malaysian food outside of Malaysia?

3) Spacious and clean: Comfortable atmosphere for a whole night long
Malaysia Asian Cuisine is a restaurant newly opened in January 2014. Its concept and interior is quite modern. For me, it is quite suitable for people to gather and chit chat for the whole night long. It is also very spacious, so you can enter the restaurant with a whole gang of friends without worrying about insufficient seats (of course it’s better to call and reserve your seats beforehand)

MSAJ Overall Review  ( 5 stars max)

Taste of Food ★★★★
Originality of Food ★★★★★
Food Portion ★★★
Price ★★★
Atmosphere ★★★★

DSC01277Not forget to mention that all food served in Malaysian Asian Cuisine is HALAL!!

That’s all for our first review on dining at Malaysian Food Restaurants in Tokyo!! We hope you find this post useful for you!!
Stay tuned for our next review on other Malaysian restaurants that you can find around Tokyo Area!!

Prepared by,
MSAJ Web System Crew
Fish & Chen Zhun

DSC01258 DSC01279


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