【Event】Raya with Penanglites!

Selamat Hari Raya & Penanglites Assemble!

       On the evening of the second day of raya here at Malay Asian Cuisine in Shibuya, Tokyo; in collaboration with InvestPenang as well as JAGONG; MSAJ organised a small and casual networking event for Malaysians here in Japan.  The event was attended by about 45 Malaysians students and shakaijin (working people); including Chief Minister of the state of Penang, Yang Berhormat Lim Guan Eng.


While celebrating the second day of Raya together with Malaysians, this event was held to gather Malaysians, especially Penanglites to remind and introduce the development and growth that is in progress back home.

As soon as the MC of the event and Mr Lim Guan Eng gave their opening remarks at around 7:00 pm
– in hip Malaysian fashion- mula-mula kita makan dahulu!


Kudos to the chef at Malay Asian Cuisine! Food is syiok as always! The menu included Nasi Briyani, Beef Rendang, Tempoyak, Cucur Udang, Samosa, Satay Ayam, Kuih-kuih raya, sagu dessert and many more! 😀


While eating, the representatives from InvestPenang gave out pamphlets about Penang CAT which is “Penang Career Assistance and Talent Centre”. Penang CAT basically,

is set up by the Penang Government to assist job seekers with employment opportunities besides working with our Partners and Associates to create job and business opportunities in Penang”.

InvestPenang also set up a slideshow that portrayed the various investment schemes and developments in that are currently being, and will in the future be executed in Penang. So look out folks! There may just be more than Char Kuey Teow in Penang!


Then around 7:30 pm, once everyone’s stomachs are filled and had settled down, we had the privilege to listen to an acapella performance of “Selamat Hari Raya” by Ms Nisa Paad who is semi-professional singer here in Tokyo. 🙂
She’s also a doctorate student, by the way. #baitosugoi


With a casual joke, Mr Lim Guan Eng eases into his session at which he talks about Penang State Government’s plans for the land that is Penang, in addition to his hopes and dreams for the state of Penang, as well as for Malaysia. He also shares with the participants of the challenges that his team and himself has to go through to bring a better change for the people back home.

“Freedom” he stresses is the keyword for the operation of the state government of Penang. He states that he believes that “Freedom” is an essential element for the Penang community. Freedom to trade,freedom to speak out one’s own opinion, freedom to choose. Those are the few examples which stem from the important principle that is “Freedom”, and that principle is one that he believes the Penang state government has to strive for, for the betterment of the Penanglites’ community. He too hopes that this same idea is adopted by other state governments.


The talk session by Mr Lim Guan Eng was followed by a casual Q&A session participants. Here Mr Lim Guan Eng supplemented his earlier session with more clear facts concerning Penang in correspondence to specific questions by participants. Everyone was pretty proactive in speaking out their questions and thoughts. The questions ranged from topics concerning direct flights between Penang and Tokyo, as well as questions concerning homegrown Penang entrepreneurs till  subjects about ASEAN integration as well as reasons to why Malaysian students studying overseas should return home.

From my perspective Mr Lim Guan Eng had a very clear message to us Malaysian students here in Japan.

“Come back home”!

And for good reason too. He reasonably explained this during his reply to the last question of the day which was, simply put “Why should I go back to Malaysia?”
Mr Lim Guan Eng argued that yes, at the end of the day, the decision of whether to stay in Japan or to go back to Malaysia is every student’s personal decision. It is everyone’s right and privilege; it is everyone’s freedom. And living in Japan, a country which has a very developed civic minded community supported by superb governance is definitely the “safer” choice, he says.

Though if you are frustrated with the state of government of your own country, then come back home.
There are already so many real policies being executed by local governments which focuses on the importance of the rule of law, good governance, human talent and rejection of corruption.

Though if you want to be someone who contributes to the economic growth of your own country, then come back home.
There are already so many real cogs in place to propel the nation’s economic status up the value chain.

Though if you believe in the potential that the Malaysian people has as a nation, then come back home.
There are already so many real people who are back home fighting for a better Malaysian future.

This was Mr Lim Guan Eng’s message to us Malaysian students here in Japan.

Thanks to all those involved for the opportunity!

Malay Asian Cuisine:
Reported by,
Ruiz Asri
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