Job Openings

【Job Offer】Japan Major Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber and Plastic Product : Yamauchi Corp.

Company Information Session + Interview
25th of July (Fri) @ Kyoto<<What we do>>
★ Manufacturer of industrial rubber and plastic product
★ 100 years of expertize
★ Supplier of high quality original industrial parts of various products; AV, copy machines, printers, disk drives, papermakin machine, textile machine
<<Who we want to employ>>
★ Malaysian student / graduates / worker in Japan
★ Field of study : Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Chemistry
★ Language ability : Japanese N3 and above, English (eg. TOEIC 600)<<What kind of people that we seek>>
★ Understand Japanese worker characteristic and way of thinking
★ Pose leadership skill, challenging and have the ability to take action
★ Can understand the Japan way of thinking at the actual working site

<<Why we want you>>
★ Work as mediator between Japan Company and Malaysia Company
★ Utilize the knowledge of your expertize
★ As part of our global expansion

====Company Information Session + Interview====
Date : 25th (Fri) of July 2014
Time : 1300 – 1600
Venue : Kyoto

<<How to apply>>
■ E-mail :
■ Subject : マレーシア留学生限定採用の応募【リュウカツ・ネット特別推薦】
■ Contents : 「お名前」「出身国」「携帯番号」
*Please send the email in Japanese
※Further info will be sent to applicants via email.

リュウカツ・ネットへのお問い合わせ :
■運営会社 株式会社オリジネーター
東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷4丁目19-12 monparte北参道6階
TEL 03-6432-9390 FAX 03-6432-9389
■営業時間:平日(月~金) 10:00~18:00
p/s : you can go to Kyoto for free! 

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