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Over the years, we, MSAJ has successfully tackled various challenges in holding events and has been confidently striding towards progress. Today, for the first time ever, MSAJ has held an outstanding sport event called “Nokodai MSAJ x AYNJ Badminton Tournament 2014” in collaboration with ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ).

This event is unique as we had participants from ASEAN countries. It’s a new type of event whereby the ASEAN countries’ citizens had the chance to spend their time together and communicate with each other in order to strengthen the bonds between all countries involved and realize the importance of mutual respect for national identity of all nations.

Event’s details:
This event was held at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology on 15th June 2014. We had about 100 attendees (players and supporters). They were very delighted with the provided nice facilities, lucky draw and prizes.


The winners for this competition are stated as below:
Team category
Champion: noko badminton club〜Let it go!〜 (top left)
Runner-up: Fuwei’s Team (top right)
Third place: Garuda Nusantara, Todai IBT


Mixed Doubles’ Team category
Champion: Chiharu (above)
Runner-up: TAT
Third place: AFSJ-Philipinas, ABK’s BA


Committees from MSAJ and AYNJ were responsible for planning and conducting the events. The primary challenge of conducting the event was the planning of all event elements such as venue, schedule, promotion and etc. in order to have everything fall in place. We certainly hope that this event will continue to be an annual event.

“MSAJ & AYNJ’s Committees – you have delivered a truly exceptional event and, above all, a wonderful experience to every single one of us. Thank you, Committees.”

Bureau of Sports and Recreations

This event’s album can be seen through [here] (will link to Facebook)

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