Japanese TV production company Top Scene Inc. is currently working on a culture-exploring show ‘Find the WASABI!’ with Tokyo Broadcasting Television (TBS). ‘Find the WASABI!’ is a TV show of collaboration amongst 4 countries (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) focusing on cultural understanding, especially on Japanese culture. TBS is connecting to Malaysians of all walks on their notions on this subject, be it positive or critical in striving to produce an enthralling show for audiences of all 4 countries. Since this program will be broadcasted in Malaysia, we are looking for any interested Malaysian to ask a few questions regarding what they feel about Japanese culture.

Please answer the online questionnaire below or have an interview with us via sistemweb@msaj.net to provide us insights on what Malaysian audience will prefer to watch. For those who prefer interview, it could take any form, according to your preference, e.g. email, phone.

Further details of this show (only previous season available at present) can be found here:

Online questionnaire: http://goo.gl/FGHyT1

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