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【2016Graduate/ International students WANTED!!】
We are Global Leader, and we support International student’s employment for free.
Almost all international students who want employment in Japan are the users.
We are also professional in supporting international students.

This is what we have for you.

▼Members Entry (FREE)

〈Special services〉
*Professional advisor will support you by personal guidance.
*Until you finish up with your job hunting, you can get all information and entry to all the events for FREE.
*Because we are professional in International student’s Employment, we will give Job hunting information and private mail regularly.
*You can join our Guidances for job hunting preparation, which are “Start up Guidance”, ”Preparation for Interview Guidance” and “Group Discussion Guidance”.
*If you live in different region, you can contact us by e-mail, telephone call and individual interview.

Of course all supports are given by professional advisor.
So, please apply to our Membership entry and join us!

▼Members Entry (FREE)

We’ll do our best until you get the best Employment. And let’s work together.

外国人留学生のための無料就活サポート「GLOBAL Leader」
グローバルリーダー(Global Leader navi.)に登録して情報を収集し、




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