“ Enjoy A Piece of ASEAN”


Introduction :
Asean Festival is an annual gathering of Southeast Asian students in Japan, participation especially from around the Tokyo area. The objectives are to create unity, friendship and networking amongst Southeast Asian students as well as to promote international exchange and mutual understanding among Southeast Asian nations. This year was the 9th annual for ASEAN Festival.

Event details:
This event was held at 5th Floor, Hollywood University of Beauty and Fashion, Roppongi Hills on 11th October 2014. We had around 1000 attendees (including organising committee members, helpers and performers). The event featured brief introductions by each country, cultural performance, a large varieties of exotic cuisines from each ASEAN country and lucky draw sessions for the participants.

This year, we, MSAJ were fortunate enough to gain the permission from MAXIS Berhad to screen their “We are a Family” Merdeka TVC as part of Malaysia’s introduction to show the world how we Malaysians live in peace and harmony despite being a multiracial country.


We were also fortunate enough to collaborate with Japan-Malaysia Association led by Mr.Arai Takuji and Tourism Malaysia In Japan. Mr. Arai Takuji was our performance conductor, teaching us the “Wau Bulan”and “Dikir Puteri” while Tourism Malaysia lent us all the clothes and props needed for the Cultural Performance, Fashion Show and Malaysian team’s booth decoration.

AFper3We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the committees from MSAJ & AYNJ that were responsible for planning and conducting the events. Not forgetting our performers for their efforts in bringing forth a splendid show.

Bureau and Culture & Social

This event’s album can be seen through [here] (will link to Facebook)