To all the budak popular, budak suka belajar, pengawas, gangsta and budak lewat:

Thank you for traveling back to Zaman Persekolahan with us on Malaysian Night 2014!

 Malaysian Night 2014 with the theme of “Zaman Persekolahan” held in Ota Sangyou Plaza on 20th December 2014 (Saturday) was a wonderful night graced with the attendance of 156 students.

 The night was endowed by the interesting video from Shen Lim and the amazing performances from JouEn and her guitarist, Dodo, Azrie, Akmal and Eqkhmal, Zen’s group dance, Najwa, The Misplaced Kids, Omar and the committee members of MSAJ. Thank you for the fantastic ride in time machine a.k.a the wonderful performances that brought back the carefree feelings of puppy love and fond memories of zaman persekolahan.

MNMisplacedKidsCongratulation to The Misplaced Kids for being voted as the best performer of Malaysian Night!

 Not to forget the interesting “One Two Jus” game that we all played during our primary school or even secondary school days. After the tough battle of the century, the Budak Popular team came out as the winner of the “One Two Jus” game.

MN12JusThe serious face perceivable in the Battle of the Century

 Furthermore, we hope you enjoyed the delicious authentic Malaysian delicacies catered by Malay Asian Cuisine. Hereby, we would like to apologize for the insufficiency of food provided and will work to improve on this matter.

MNfoodSedap! Finger-licking good Malaysian food

 MNpupThe puppy love notes

We hope you had a fun and relaxed night! Bangun, terima-kasih murid-murid!

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