A peek into the future technology.

March 2015, we have a group of students from UNIMAS came to Japan to have an exchange program with Nihon University. We MSAJ were invited by JMA to join their tour around Tokyo for 2 days, and it was a great honor for us to be able to take part in it.


We went around a lots of places like Tokyo Science Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and JAXA. Going around places with friends from another part of Malaysia was a lot of fun. We talked a lot about Sarawak too, like how was the life in Sarawak and what was the difference compared to Peninsular Malaysia. Surprisingly, there were still lots of things we do not know about our country.


Besides that, students from UNIMAS were also amazed by the technology they saw inside the Science Museum and JAXA. It was their first time to see a real android as most of the time we only see it in the movie. The experience in JAXA was also worth the tour. It was not common for us to experience a tour into the space, but thank to the Space Mission Simulator, we managed to experience a round trip to the space station and back to Earth, visually.



A group photo at Youth​ Education National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.


Beautiful sunset moment from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, priceless.


Never forget to take selfie even when touring the Tokyo Science Museum. LOL

JAXA, Tokyo.


Our personal MSAJ pilot, Mr. Thaneer.


Photo with an actual aeroplane model.


Even though it was hard to say goodbye with friends from UNIMAS, but these 2 days in Tokyo was very meaningful. Building new connection with JMA and UNIMAS meant a lot to us MSAJ

too. And also, meeting new friends from another part of Malaysia and learn more about our own country has also finally make us a true Malaysian.


We would like to thank JMA and UNIMAS to provide the opportunity to join the program. Hopefully we will be able to keep a good relationship with JMA and UNIMAS and looking forward to more chances to work together.



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