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◆East Japan Railway Company (Global Internship)◆


◆East Japan Railway Company (Global Internship)◆

Only for International Student who are studying in Japan and Overseas

■Corporate Profile
As the largest railway company, the business of the East Japan Railway group is to provide people the transportation system,
which has great significance on our customer’s everyday life and necessary for the society and the community.
We would like to achieve the social responsibility through our businesses such as maintenance of railway safety and provide stable railway transportation services.
East Japan Railway group have its own principle: “Our aim is to achieve the social responsibility and the sustainable growth of our company as a `Group to make reliable life service`”.
Based on this principle, we hope to continue to be the company that can meet the expectations from the society and the trust by stakeholder.
In order to provide East Japan Railway’s principle to all over the world, we start global internship inviting international students both in Japan and overseas.
We do not mind if you are not having a good Japanese skill and you live far from Tokyo, Please feel free to apply this event.

==================【Job Opportunities】==================
〜Information for Internship Application (Global Course)〜

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) offers “Internship for Foreigners” to students of university (including graduate school),
high-school and vocational school located in and outside of Japan. We look forward to hearing from students who are interested in Japanese railway companies or
the business and technologies of JR East, and those who want to put their skills acquired from school into practice.

 ■Number of Positions, Internship Period and Location■
[Number of Positions] Limited
[Internship Period] Thursday, February 18 ‾ Friday, February 26 (7 days excluding Saturday and Sunday)
[Location] Tokyo


Interns will attend lectures for the first half days, learning about the company, its management style, global vision, and technological innovation.
For the remaining days, each intern will choose a specific field of interest and carry out related fieldwork.
Interns will also have the opportunity to visit various facilities and sites.Interns can choose their field of interest from the following list:

1). Vehicles
This department is responsible for vehicles’ inspection, maintenance and reparation. It is also planning for making vehicles, and taking foreign trades of vehicles.
Interns will learn maintenance procedures and operational improvement.

2). Service Quality Control
This department takes planning of strategies to improve the quality of service. For example, in order to improve satisfaction of overseas visitors,
they conduct multi-languages services. Interns will learn JR East Quality of services and its strategies regarding to its department.

3). Sales and Tourism Strategy
Planning of sales strategies for the railway and tourism businesses. As for global strategies, they make inbound tourism plans.
Interns will learn its strategies and plans for tourisms department.

4). Business Development
Planning of business strategies for life-style services such as enriching every stations and its fashion malls.
Interns will learn JR East urban development and its strategies which connect Railways and people’s life-style.

Job Category:  Internship
Location:  Tokyo, Japan

================【Selection Process】=================
■Application Procedure

1) Please push the button 「参加予約ボタン」 on below Web link to apply.

2) Please send your “Entry Sheet” to TOP CAREER ( ).
※You can download “Entry Sheet” from the bottom of TOP CAREER Japan Railway event page.

– Mail Subject: JR East Internship, Entry Sheet (Univ.Name, Full Name)
– Attach your “Entry Sheet” (Must attach your picture on the Entry Sheet)
※ Please fill TWO of your request on choosing intern field on the Entry Sheet

3) Interview with TOP CAREER (On the Phone)
Candidates who pass the application screening would have phone interview with TOP CAREER.

4) The Result of Phone Interview

■Application Deadline
Wednesday, January 28, 2016


■Additional Information
・ Other Information
・Interns will not be paid.
・Transportation expenses will be reimbursed by the company.
・A lunch stipend will be provided.
・Accommodations will be provided for those whose commute to the company will be more than 2 hours one-way, and those who come from overseas.
・Before beginning the internship, the interns will be required to sign the agreement form in order to protect confidential information.
・Application materials will not be returned.
・Personal information on the application form will be used only for internship selection,
internship preparation, and administrative procedures during the period. After these uses, the
company will be responsible for the disposal of the personal information.

We are looking forward to your application.

〒102-0083 東京都千代田区麹町5-3


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