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What do you do during Spring in Japan?

Yep, you guessed it right, you go look for blooming Sakuras and hang out with friends while enjoying the flowers!

As usual, with the aim of uniting Malaysians across Japan, MSAJ held the annual Hanami (Sakura Viewing) event on the 2nd of April 2016.


Picture from left: MSAJ, KULN Tokyo, IPIJ, MSATU

What’s new about the Hanami event organized this year? We collaborated with Ikatan Persaudaraan Islam Jepun (IPIJ), Kelab Umno Luar Negara Tokyo (KULN Tokyo) and the Malaysian Student Association at Tokyo University (MSATU) ! The collaboration was a successful innovation.

We managed to get a large number of people to attend this event due to the collaboration made. The attendees include students from various universities, shakaijins (working people) and officials from the embassy!


Bunch of people trying to talk with Encik Ghani, JPA official

Picture: Bunch of people trying to talk with Encik Ghani, JPA official


It was an enjoyable day with everyone happily engaged in conversations. There were also nasi lemak and some kuih prepared kindly by KULN Tokyo! Since it was so good, we almost ran out of food! It became hard to manage the crowd towards the end of the day, but it was worth it because everyone just seemed to be caught in the moment connecting with each other.

MSAJ would like to thank our collaborators KULN, IPIJ and MSATU for such a successful event. We also look forward to have future collaborations with other organizations in the spirit of unity!

P/s: Check out the photos on Instagram and Facebook with #malaysianhanami2016 for the photography competition held on that day

Picture: The MSAJ team

Picture: The MSAJ team


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