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“Boss! Kopi satu, roti kaya dua, dan satu telur separuh masak !”

“Makan sini atau mau tapau?”

A typical Malaysian breakfast is the perfect combination to start your ordinary morning, extraordinarily. Malaysians who are staying in Japan may find it hard impossible to have this kind of breakfast but hey, let’s キックスタート! the day together by sharing the sweetness and crunchiness of thoughts by our fellow Zai-Nichi-Malaysians.


Allow us to introduce our new: “Kaya Post”.

Rather than calling it simply a “bulletin”, an “article” or a “report”, “Kaya Post” is here for the purpose of sharing, expressing and voice out the minds and hearts of Malaysians who have had their share of experience here in Japan.

Just like how we believe that everyone should have a taste of Kaya, we believe that those on the net ought have a taste of our “Kaya Post”!


Through Kaya Post, interesting stories of our events, wonderful experiences will be shared here !

Stay tuned with MSAJ and we hope our little story will bring you a little joyness and some food for thought !


Have any comments/questions about this initiative? Please share your thoughts via our contact form: http://www.msaj.net/contact-us/

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