Mother’s Day Rant

Written By: Mark Lani

As a Masters student in Japan, I spend more time outside than in class (Not a good example). So I get to go shopping and stroll around town looking for ideas when there is nobody around (Best time to go shopping). During my usual routine, there would be other students, the elderly and women. To be a bit more detailed, mothers. Today, I’d like to talk about my observation of mothers in Japan.

Japanese mothers always bring their children, usually one or two everywhere they go to. Typically, they will carry the younger ones in baby carriers and the older child will walk by themselves or in strollers. Basically, they have their hands full just taking care of their children. However, this doesn’t stop them from being the home maker, buying all the necessities of their homes and making sure that it is nice and tidy.

In Japan, specifically Tokyo, people do not drive cars to get from one point to another. Bicycle is the main transportation apart from the trains and busses. And mothers, they have to buy groceries almost every day while also bringing their children along. Imagine this: if you weigh around 150 pounds and the groceries you are carrying totals the weight around 170 pounds, it doesn’t seem that much right? Now add one or two kids in the equation and the total weight will probably be around 200-250 pounds. It is ridiculously hard to cycle with that weight. Even balancing the bicycle is hard enough. Without a powered bicycle, it would equal to a daily workout.

One day when I was walking back from class, I saw a mother whose daughter was throwing a tantrum by the sidewalk. She didn’t want to get on the bicycle to go home. The lady also had a son who was diligently trying to get on the bicycle without her help, which was pretty dangerous. She had to deal with two situations at once. However, being an amazing mother that she is, she single handedly managed to calm her daughter while also protecting her son from hurting himself. If you think you’re good at multi tasking, think again.

I am only talking about the situation in Japan since I get to see and observe these instances first hand. But I’m sure in Malaysia, or everywhere around the world, super moms exist! Mothers who are full time housewives and working mothers alike are amazing people. Making sure that the family receives love and care and ensuring that the house is maintained. It would not be too much to say that they are super humans.

I would like for everyone to always appreciate your mothers because of their effort to help you grow from a noisy and irritating child to a responsible and matured adult. If you ever think that your mother has not done anything for you, think again. Look at their wrinkled and bruised hands to understand. Makeup only covers the wrinkles on their face, but not the bruises on their hands and in their heart.

Appreciate and love your mother while you still can. Happy Mother’s Day!

Picture: Me and my mom at the Tokyo Camii Mosque

Picture: Me and my mom at the Tokyo Camii Mosque

P/S: I purposely did not write about dads here. Wait for it in another post!