Article by: Izzati Azmi

2015-03-20 21.11.52

It’s Dad Appreciation Day. Don’t let your dad feel unappreciated, especially on father’s day. Take some time to call your dad, send him a text, snapchat him even and if he’s not here anymore, pray for him the best prayer you know. Anything goes, just let him know he matters. This is the day that being cheesy with dads are acceptable.
But if you think that was a bit too cheesy for you, maybe you could add “and can I have some more money?” because face it, Dads = $$. Also, malls do father’ day celebration discounts, and not only on Dad-stuff. (A hint for you, Abah 😉 )
Dear Dads,
For all the late nights meetings,
And all the ‘outstations’,
Being busy most of the time,
Thank you. We know you’re stressed and appreciate your hard work. We may not show it, we may even complaint about it, but we do appreciate it.

Dear Dads,
For all the rebelling that we kids do,
And all the ignorant decisions we make despite your advices,
And all the house-wrecking we did that we say we didn’t
We’re really sorry. We never meant it if we say ‘I Hate You’, and regret all the arguments we’ve had. Despite all the bad things we say/do, we love you nonetheless (please don’t disown me).

And Dear Dads,
Despite the tacky clothes and the same style that you never change,
Despite the embarrassing act you do publicly,
Despite you forgetting our birthdays (we know you’d only knew because of Mum),
Despite the classic TV shows that everyone except you watches and we had no control of the remote..because..superiority.
And despite when you said “My little girl has grown up. When did this happened?”.
I Love You. Please, never change (piggyback me around the house again, please). And please keep doing those embarrassing acts, because you’re the only person, we’d hate to admit it but, do it best and we like it (and mum too).

And finally, an advice to young dads out there. How do you know if you’re ‘dad’ enough? Heres’ how: