Article by : Koh Hui Xin

Summer in Japan, as we may know is so hot that it’s sometimes unbearable. It’s humid, the sunrays are strong and temperatures can go up to 35 degrees Celsius and sometimes even higher. Not to mention the amazing voices of summer – the screeching of a kind of bug called Semi (cicada).

Let’s forget about the heat and talk about fun summer events. Summer events are one of the most anticipated events in the whole year. Music festivals, Bon Odori, Natsu matsuri (summer festivals, something like pasar malam) and the main focus of today, HANABI TAIKAI (firework displays).

Hanabi Taikais are usually and held in summer and rarely in other seasons. It is an event that teenagers and couples have been waiting for the throughout the whole year. It is said to be one of the best memories one could have during their teenage years. Hanabi Taikai is an important event in teenage romance and school genre light novels, manga and anime. It adds a little touch of what you call “SeiShun” (youth) in Japanese.

You can know that Hanabi Taikai is a big deal when department stores and boutiques sell yukatas and accessories. Hair salons around your neighborhood offer promotion plans to do your hairdo and help wear your yukata neatly.



Yukata Set




Hair Accessory





The largest firework display in the whole of Japan during this season is the Sumida River Hanabi Taikai which is located near the Skytree~Asakusa area in Tokyo. It fires a total of 20000 fireworks. You should be mentally and physically prepared for any Hanabi Taikai as loads of people will gather in the designated area.

If you feel that joining the huge crowd is not the thing for you, there are also other firework displays in Tokyo which attracts a big crowd too but not as overwhelming as the Sumida River Hanabi Taikai. In Tokyo, other places like Itabashi, Edogawa, Arakawa are also nice spots to catch the summer firework displays.




Invite your friends and dress up in yukata for HANABI TAIKAI! Enjoy the summer that’s left guys!

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