Background & History

Projek Mimpi is a volunteering program that is hosted by Malaysian students from both local and overseas universities. Projek Mimpi was established on July 2015 with Jempol being the born place for Projek Mimpi. Since it was first held, it had gathered Malaysian students all over the world including the United States, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and Australia. On 2016, Projek Mimpi continued its mission by going to seven schools in Kuantan, Pahang.

Projek Mimpi aims to promote education inequality in Malaysia, especially rural areas with two main objectives;

  1. To motivate the students to excel in their examinations by portraying extraordinary examples to the students and guide them on how to succeed in their exams.
  2. To expose the students with the numerous opportunities that are available for them to explore after they finish their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Projek Mimpi is also a platform for students from local and oversea universities to contribute to the society and help improving the life of the community.

How It Is Run

Basically facilitators spend one day doing a road trip visiting each school for three to four hours. Facilitators follow the same module in every school session where they have an ice breaking session, “Ted Talk” where they give a talk to address the students’ problems and motivate them, and lastly the facilitators are broken into groups with the students to engage more effectively to a personal level to the students.


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