This event is supported by Japanese companies therefore it is ‘FREE’.
・Event targeted for international students and careers of N3 level or above or equivalent.
・Next Stage Asia is a job hunting support company for foreigners only.

-ENG ※Please scroll down for 日本語!-

Are you an IT student in the middle of job hunting and you are not sure how to go about it?

Join Next Stage Asia’s seminar, an event specially tailored for international IT students and careers who try to change jobs in Japan.
Become able to show off your skills at the interview and be successful in Japan.
Agent Kento will show you the best way to succeed at interviews through his exclusive method for only IT students. Also we will also introduce you to some companies!

The best part about it all? It’s FREE!

Come visit us at the Next Stage Asia headquarters in Higashi Nihonbashi!


May 23rd (Thursday)
Reception: 18.15~
Seminar starts: 18.30
Seminar ends: 20:00

Next Stage Asia Office
Chuo City, Higashi Nihonbashi 2-15-4 PMO building Higashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo

•IT students and careers who are going to have interviews
•IT students and careers who want to know the best techniques to succeed at job interviews

•Agent Kento’s exclusive method for a winning interview
•Introduction of expressions that will step up your interview game
•The correct way to use keigo and express yourself
•Introduction to companies

【How to attend】
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セミナー講師は、就活エージェントとして多くの内定者のサポートをしてきた、Agent Kento です!

東日本橋のNext Stage Asia本部で、皆さんのご参加をお待ちしております!



ネクストステージアジア株式会社 オフィスにて
東京都中央区東日本橋2-15-4 PMO東日本橋ビル7F

• IT企業に就職したい人
• これから面接を受ける人

• IT企業で内定を取るためのコツを紹介
• 敬語の正しい使い方
• あなたにピッタリな求人紹介


Next Stage Asia本部でお待ちしております!

Next Stage Asia 0120-228-338