Hello everyone, MSAJ is back with a stimulating event for all of you!

‘The Untold: Career Experiences’ is an event where we gather Japan graduated senpais who are currently working in different background. (理系 and 文系) They will share their own untold story and challenges during their 就活 period. Set free your curiosity by asking them directly during this event!

This event is going to be held online. You may participate everywhere you want, either in your room, on train, wherever it is. We will provide participation link via email after registration is completed.

Don’t miss this event! Place your registration through our landing page. The link is attached below, or you may also find it on our bio. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! We are looking forward to your participation.

Landing page link: https://www.j.jportjournal.com/msaj-jport

Click the 【Join Now】button, and you will be directed to the registration form.