For details on MSAJ Kanto Annual General Meeting 2015, please refer【here

A. Elections and Nominations

1. We, the outgoing Executive Members 2015 have decided that nominations are to be done for election of new term. The types of nominations are as below.  Please refer to “B. Positions of New Executive Committee Members” on info for each position.

(i) Self Nomination. He/she who wishes to take up a position in the Executive Committee can self nominate. To make Self Nomination, please fill in the Self Nomination Form.
(ii) Nomination by Friends. He/she who thinks that his/her friend is suitable for a position in the Executive Committee can send in the Entry Sheet. One Nominator is allowed to send up to maximum 4 entries. Each candidate is allowed to be nominated for maximum of 4 positions. To nominate, please fill in the Nomination by Friends Form.

2. Election committee will be created to run the elections. This committee is made of the outgoing Executive Members but newer EXCOs are advised to stay in the next committee.

3. The nominations may be posted on MSAJ homepage, Facebook page.

4. Only members attending the AGM will have the rights to vote.

5. If there are no nominations for the positions, extra nomination will be held during the Annual General Meeting.


B. Positions of new Executive Committee Members

Main Positions

i. President &
ii. Vice President

Leaders of the committee and organization.
Delegate jobs to the EXCO and sets the general direction of MSAJ
Protect the interest of MSAJ.
Must experience students/youth association (even not MSAJ).
Must have experiences in MSAJ’s annual activities.
Must be in Kanto Area from April 2015. (Meaning even if you are in other prefecture now).
Able to go to Embassy to discuss with our advisor from time to time.
Must be Kosen 4th year and above OR Bachelor’s Degree 2nd year and above OR Master’s Degree 1st year and above FROM April 2015

iii. Secretary
Preparation of minutes, paperwork and official emails.
Dispersal of information to members.
Have basic knowledge of MS Word
Maintains and updates the MSAJ archive

iv. Treasurer
Organize the accounts and books.
Produce budget and financial statements for MSAJ’s activities and projects.
Have the basic knowledge of MS EXCEL

Executive Members of Bureau (2 each)

i. Bureau of Web System
The backbone of the systems in MSAJ (homepage, mailing list, Facebook, Twitter, poster/video making, etc)
Have knowledge or interest in systems building in MSAJ.
Sharing related information to members

ii. Bureau of Registration
Register member into MSAJ’s database and maintain the database.
Have basic knowledge in MS EXCEL

iii. Bureau of Welfare and Communication
Interested in networks inside and outside MSAJ.
Interested in meeting people and network building.
One representative of University, one representative of College.

iv. Bureau of Cultural and Social
Interested in Malaysian culture and its development

v. Bureau of Sports and Recreation
Interested in sports and recreational, and its development.

vi. Bureau of Academic and Career
Interested in academic and career building.
Gather information on job hunting} else {