Company Description 

【英語】We are a recruitment company specialized in supporting international students. We offer a wide range of support from providing details of companies looking to hire international students, blushing up CVs to interview practices. We had a Malaysian student who successfully got a job offer from a Japanese company, with our support. All our support can be used for free. Please come to our booth to find out more about us.



Job Description 

【英語】The job description varies with every different position. Engineer at major Japanese firms (Machinery, Electronics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Construction, etc.), engineer at fast growing IT/Web companies, global sales at trading companies or sales in the service industry. We have a wide variety of possible job offers waiting for your application. We will provide you details of companies looking to hire Malaysian students, according to your wishes as much as possible. 【日本語】仕事内容はご紹介する求人によって異なります。日本の大手メーカーでのエンジニア(機械、電気、化学、物理、生物、建築など)、成長著しいIT/Web企業のエンジニア、商社の海外営業職やサービス業の販売職など、多様なお仕事をご紹介いたします。まずは、皆さんのご希望を教えてください。可能な限り、ご希望に合わせてマレーシア留学生を採用したい企業の求人をご紹介いたします。


****** The information above will be disclose till MSAJ Career 2016.


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