Aktiviti menyambut kedatangan pelajar baru Hokuriku 2014

Tarikh    :26 April 2014
Masa       :11:00~17:00
Tempat  :Dewan sukan, Niigata

Objektif :Untuk menyambut kedatangan pelajar baru,merapatkan hubungan sillaturahim antara universiti universiti di Hokuriku.

Seramai lebih kurang 70 orang pelajar daripada Universiti Toyama, Fukui, Kanazawa, NIigata dan Nagaoka terlibat. Majlis didahulukan dengan bacaan doa, diikuti dengan ucapan daripada Presiden MSAJ Hokuriku sesi 2014, iaitu saudara Mawardi. Seterusnya, sesi memperkenalkan diri bagi pelajar yang baru menjejakkan kaki ke Jepun dan sesi suai kenal diakhiri dengan sesi memperkenalkan diri ahli jawatankuasa MSAJ Hokuriku sesi 2014. Sebaik sahaja selesai makan dan solat,aktiviti sukan, futsal bagi lelaki dan badminton bagi perempuan dimulakan. Hadiah berupa hamper diberikan kepada semua wakil universiti yang terlibat.


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MSAJ Hokuriku}

【Bulletin】MSAJ Career Fair 2014

General Details:

Date: 5th April 2014
Time: 1100 – 1700
Venue: 3F 2nd Exhibition Hall
Tokyo Metropolitan industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-kan
1-7-8 Kaigan, Minato-ku, 105-0022 Tokyo
〒105-0022 東京都港区海岸1-7-8 東京都立産業貿易センター浜松町館 3階第2展示室


For the full report, please click [HERE].
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【 Bulletin】Healing Emptiness Talk by Yasmin Mogahed

0523 MSAJ

Date    : 29th April 2014
Time    :1230 – 1600
Venue    :Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre
Radio    : AMIR’s Ustream channel Ace.fm [Broadcast]

For the first time ever, Light Upon Light collaboration with Malaysian Student Association in Japan (MSAJ) under bureau of Sport & Recreation and Aspiring Malaysian Rijal (AMIR) had organised such a successful lecture entitled “Healing the Emptiness” by Yasmin Mogahed at Tokyo Camii Mosque, Tokyo.

The speaker whom invited, Yasmin Mogahed is a well known writer and speaker on giving spiritual and motivational lecture mainly in United States. Yasmin Mogahed was Wisconsin University bachelor degree graduate in Psychology and Mass Communication. After graduated, she teaching in Islamic Education and serve as youth coordinator. She begun to express her thought through her writing. The latest book she wrote is the best seller Reclaim Your Heart.

The lecture was held in English as the main language and translated in Japanese as we had many participant from the japanese and various countries. At first we provide only 120 seats but about 150++ peoples shows up during the event day. We are very grateful for the overwhelming response not only from Malaysian student but from the locals.

At the end of the lecture we had Question & Answer session for about 1 hour followed by meet up and autograph session with Yasmin Mogahed. Group photo was taken among the organisers at the end of the event. Overall the event went very smooth and well organised. Millions gratitude to Light Upon Light, AMIR and to those who contributed in this event direct or indirectly.

We hope that we can held such an event in future within student organisation in Japan and shows that we are united!


Izzul Hadi Bin Rozlan
Bureau Sport & Recreation
Malaysian Student Association in Japan (MSAJ)

Pictures of the event


【Bulletin】Kanto Utsunomiya Taikai 2014


Tarikh : 3 Mei 2014
Masa : 8:30 ~ 18:00
Tempat : Mine Campus, Utsunomiya University

– Untuk merapatkan silaturrahim antara pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di seluruh Jepun terutama di bahagian Kantou.
– Untuk mengisi masa lapang para peserta sempena cuti ‘Golden Week’ dengan aktiviti yang sihat.
– Meningkatkan semangat kesukanan dalam diri setiap peserta demi melahirkan pelajar yang seimbang dari segi rohani dan jasmani.
– Memberi peluang kepada para pelajar yang ingin berniaga dan memasarkan produk masing-masing.

Kehadiran :
Seramai 130 pelajar yang menyertai Kantou Utsunomiya Taikai yang terdiri daripada 10 pasukan. Setiap pasukan menghantar 13 peserta. Senarai nama pasukan adalah seperti berikut :
1.  Tsukuba FC
2. Kiryu FC
3. Toyama FC
4. Tottori FC
5. Utsunomiya SC
7. Akita FC
8. Toyoko All-Stars
9. Kosen
10. Toyohashi

Keputusan Keseluruhan
Johan: Tsukuba FC
Naib Johan: Toyama FC
Tempat Ketiga: Toyohashi FC
Johan Lower Cup: Utsunomiya SC

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【Bulletin】Yokohama Brothers & Sisters Program

For the first time ever, MSAJ held a collaboration event called “Yokohama Brothers & Sisters Program” with Yamato-Nishi Senior High School, a traditional Japan high school located in Kanagawa Prefectural.

The event is a new type of volunteer program where the volunteers (Malaysian students) spend their time together with the high school students walking around places in Yokohama in order to make them feel comfortable communicating with foreigners (Malaysian) in English before going for a school trip to Malaysia in October 2014.

Although the program started early in the morning at 9:00AM, all the participants gave their full cooperation by coming early to the meeting point, Yokohama Park, without being late. After a little briefing from the school teacher, the volunteers were separated to 24 groups of students. Each groups consists of 5~7 Yamato-Nishi students and 1 Malaysian student. All the groups then started their trip according to the route that they have planned before. Among the places visited were Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama Cosmo World, China Town, and CupNoodles Museum.

The morning session ended at around 12:00PM and the volunteers had some rest and lunch at JICA Yokohama. At around 1:30PM, the evening session started and once again, the volunteers were divided into smaller groups with the students and they went around Yokohama again but with different course. The evening session ended around 3:30PM and all the volunteers and students gathered at Yokohama Park before being dismissed.

It was an interesting and memorable event for both volunteers and the students. Despite the age gap between them, they were able to mingle and chat friendly. The school also hoped to have the same event next year.

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Vice President

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【Bulletin】MSAJ x KUJ Hanami and Welcoming Party 2014

On Sunday, 6 April 2014, MSAJ has organized a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and welcoming party in collaboration with Kelab UMNO Jepun (KUJ). This event was held at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, located in Shinjuku, one of the favorite spots for Hanami with a large number of crowds. As it was the peak (full bloom) for Sakura blossom, MSAJ grabbed this golden opportunity to organize this event with the purposes of welcoming new juniors and letting Malaysians to mingle with each other.

    We managed to secure a spot near to Shinjuku Gate at around 10 a.m. as the event began at around 11 a.m. More than 80 people from Malaysia, Japan and even other countries like Vietnam came to the event. The party started with the distribution of Bento to everyone and the commencement of the photography competition. The submission for photography competition was closed at around 13.30 p.m. After serious judging by the higher-ups from each association, the winners were decided and the first prize was won by Mr. TJ Tan while the second prize was given to Ms. Farah and the third place went to Ms. Amelia. Mr. Zed, incumbent president of MSAJ, delivered the prizes for both photography competition and lucky draw.  Five lucky winners were given cool swags such as noise-cancelling headphone and wireless speaker. Despite the unpredictable weather, the event went smoothly thanks to the cooperation and warm greetings from everyone.  We certainly hope that this event will continue to be an annual welcoming party for Malaysians in Japan.

More photos can be found on MSAJ Official Facebook page by clicking [HERE]!

Bureau of Welfare & Communication


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【Bulletin】Malaysian Night 2013 Post Event Report

Included in this bulletin is the post event report followed by 2 attachments (Fund Raising Report by Red Crescent (M)-Selangor and Malaysian Night 2013 post event survey)

Malaysian Night 2013 Post Event Report

ATTACHMENT A: Fund Raising Report

ATTACHMENT B: Malaysian Night 2013- Post event survey

Facebook photos】【Malaysian Night 2013 finale “NEGARAKU”
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【Bulletin】MSAJ All Japan Sports Tournament 2013

1 2

Note: Lost & Found items are at the bottom of this page

Date: 30th November 2013
Venue: CK Square, Niiza, Saitama 埼玉県新座市野火止5-2-10
Time: 1000 – 1930
Activities: Futsal, Bowling

This event is held annually with the purposes of providing Malaysian students in Japan the opportunity to meet each other and enhance the relationship among Malaysian participants of multi-social background through sports.
This year, there were a total of 16 teams for futsal. Each team consists of 8 players constituting 5 players and 3 substitutes. On the other hand, there were 20 2-men-cell teams for bowling. The participants comprised mostly of college and university students. Other participation includes Malaysian Embassy staffs and professionals. As a matter of course, futsal received the best response as the registration slots were fully booked within 48 hours.
Futsal matches started from 1030 to 1730 while bowling’s games started from 1600 to 1800. Upon the finale by both sports, the closing ceremony started at 1800 with a speech by Puan Noor Hidayu, the Consular of Malaysia Embassy in Japan.
After the speech, the winners of the day were announced.

4 5

Bowling Team category: First (top), Second (bottom left), Third (bottom right)


7 8

Bowling Individual category: First (top), Second (bottom left), Third (bottom right)


9 10

Futsal Lower League category: (From left to right) First, Second

11Futsal Upper League category: First

12Futsal Upper League category: Second

13Futsal Upper League category: Third

P/S: We have four lost and found items with us. Feel free to contact us via email if it’s yours. Thank you!
Email: sukan_rekreasi@msaj.net

14 15
16 17

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Quah Fu Wei
Bureau of Sports and Recreation
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【Bulletin】Meeting with Managing Director of AEON Malaysia

Kaihin Makuhari, 25 October 2013, 6pm – 9pm.

AEON invited several Malaysian students representing different groups/associations for dinner near their HQ at Kaihin Makuhari. MSAJ’s representatives were Rifqi and Cliff. Main agenda is meeting with Madam Nur Qamarina aka Mary Chew, the Managing Director of AEON Malaysia, as well as Human Resources representative of AEON Japan.

Things that we’ve brought up on that day:

1) Students’ wish list on items available in AEON Japan.
MSAJ will collect feedbacks from students on what items that they want AEON Japan to sell.
(example: Milo 3-in-1, Old Town white coffee, chili sauce, kicap manis, cili padi etc.)

A form has been created for Malaysian students in Japan to fill until mid November, compiled and submitted to Madam Chew directly.

2) Visit to AEON museum.
One of the HR rep, Ito-san recommended that MSAJ should visit the company’s museum to get to know more about the company which is open from 10am – 4pm on weekdays.
Maybe MSAJ can organize a visit there as this could benefit the students greatly as AEON is a pretty well-established company in Japan as well as back home.

3) MSAJ’s Career Fair.
AEON expressed their interest in participating MSAJ Career Fair next year.

Cliff Cheng Ling Fan.


【Bulletin】iM4U Japan Outreach Launch and Activities

Date    : 12 December 2013 (Thursday)
Time   : 6:00 pm – 8:00pm
Venue : New Otani Hotel, Tokyo. Yamabuki Room, 5th Level, Banquet Floor Garden Tower


  1. YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  2. YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry.
  3. YB Dato’ Hamzah Zainudin, Deputy Foreign Minister
  4. YBhg Datuk Othman Hashim, Secretary General
  5. YBhg Datuk Shaharuddin Md Som, Ambassador of Malaysia to Japan.
  6. YBhg Dato’ Mohamad Kamal Yan Yahaya, special advisor to the Prime Minister for International Relations.
  7. Ybhg Dato Sri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, Communication Advisor to the Prime Minister.

The delegates were in Tokyo for the launching of the iM4U Outreach Centre. After London and Jakarta, the iM4U Outreach Centre in Tokyo is the third of such centre. IM4U centres are set up by Malaysia to facilitate volunteerism among Malaysian students overseas.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, delivered a short speech after the plague-signing ceremony. He voiced his hopes of seeing spirit of volunteerism among the young generation and Malaysian students in Japan.

A group photo with the Prime Minister was followed by a dinner with the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Dato’ Seri Mustapa Mohamed at the New Otani Hotel. Before the dinner, the VIPs gave a few inspiring talks. The dinner was an opportunity for us to share our stories and experiences in Japan before it ended at about 10 pm.

Prepared by,
Quah Fu Wei
Bureau of Sports and Recreation
Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan (MSAJ)
Album of the event can be found by clicking here! (will lead to Facebook)
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