AmiDachi 2020

Do you know that language learning helps improve your thinking skills and memory abilities?
Through AmiDachi2020, we provide a place for you to realize this!

AmiDachi2020 is a language collaboration program between MSAJ and Malaysian Student Association in France (MASAF). The program mainly aimed to encourage the exchange of language knowledge between Malaysian students’ at overseas and nurturing leadership and communication skills among students. Moreover, students can also create connection with Malaysian students from other countries and make new friends.

Students can participate either as a teacher or as a student! Japanese language class will begin on mid-July and ends on January. French language language class starts on mid-July and ends on March. French language classes are divided to beginner and intermediate levels while Japanese language class only taught at beginner level.

We are giving the opportunities to anyone who wants to study Japanese in a fun way! Come and join us!


Questionnaire/Interview – Find the WASABI!

Japanese TV production company Top Scene Inc. is currently working on a culture-exploring show ‘Find the WASABI!’ with Tokyo Broadcasting Television (TBS). ‘Find the WASABI!’ is a TV show of collaboration amongst 4 countries (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) focusing on cultural understanding, especially on Japanese culture. TBS is connecting to Malaysians of all walks on their notions on this subject, be it positive or critical in striving to produce an enthralling show for audiences of all 4 countries. Since this program will be broadcasted in Malaysia, we are looking for any interested Malaysian to ask a few questions regarding what they feel about Japanese culture.

Please answer the online questionnaire below or have an interview with us via to provide us insights on what Malaysian audience will prefer to watch. For those who prefer interview, it could take any form, according to your preference, e.g. email, phone.

Further details of this show (only previous season available at present) can be found here:

Online questionnaire:

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Internship for Foreign Students at JR Company

Are you interested in Trains/Shinkansens etc?
This is a great internship chance to learn more about the train system of Japan!!
(Japanese Below)


【実施期間】7月28日(月)〜8月8日(金) (土・日を除く10日間)
まず、『 TOP CAREER 2016 』(下記URL)にご登録の上、イベントページより「参加予約する」のボタンをクリックしてください。
参加予約頂いた方には、TOP CAREER 運営事務局より、おってご連絡させて頂きます。
2014年6月16日(月)9:00まで※インターンの実施内容などの詳細は、『 TOP CAREER 2016 』のイベントページをご参照ください!


【TOP CAREERとは】—————————————
TOP CAREER では、日系TOP企業×外国人TOP留学生の橋渡しをしています!

学生さんへの各企業の採用情報ご案内、就職活動の進め方アドバイス、履歴書添削・面接アドバイス などを、

特に、TOP CAREER主催のプレミアムセミナーに参加した外国人留学生のうち、

また、TOP CAREERは、日系TOP企業側からも高い評価を集めております!
東京海上日動・第一生命・三菱重工・RICOH・BANDAI・JR東日本 DENSO・GREE など








【Volunteer】 International English Autumn & Winter Camp


Interested in volunteering, communicating in English and have a great time together with cute little kids by camping with them?

Details about this volunteer project is as below:
Hello! This is Recovery Assistance Center of Miyagi, which keeps committing on the relief works with Miyagi prefecture and Sendai city. One of our projects, “International English Camp” is designed to increase the mental welfare of the children.

A lot of children got a scar in their hearts through the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Some children lost their family members or their friends, some lost their house to live, and some just could not forget what they experienced on the horrific day…The project has started in inviting the children who still lived in the temporary housings to Zao, a tourist spot in Miyagi in summer 2012. In spring 2013, we have held the camps in Chichibu, Saitama for the children evacuated from the three prefectures affected by the disaster.

This camp is designed for the cheerful, positive, and communicative foreign students, foreigners and the children to spend time together so that the children will get back their smiles and cheerfulness, increasing their cooperativeness, activeness, independence, and the sense of internationalism.

We have been committed to invite all the children who have been affected by the disaster at least once, and it would be highly appreciated if you could help our project.

For more details, please refer to this 【link】(available in Japanese as well)

【Academic】Leadership Training Courses for ASEAN students (就活・リーダーシップ養成講座


MPKEN Foundation

The Bridge linking JAPAN with ASEAN

MPKEN, as a Foundation authorized by Japanese Government in 2012, has started a project of supporting ASEAN students to find their jobs in Japan.

In order to cultivate human resources, who will be the bridge linking ASEAN and Japan in the future, we keep on managing the Leadership Training Courses for ASEAN students (就活・リーダーシップ養成講座) to enrich their skills in finding jobs in Japan, as well as enlarge their common knowledge of Japan’s history,  culture  and business models.

Registration to find jobs and attend the Training Courses is all FREE.

Please contact us for more details!



HELP World Mental Health Day (It’s Tomorrow!)

What is HELP World Mental Health Day?

We are a group of concerned Psychology students who are dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in the society.

Mission & Vision:

  1. To advocate mental health awareness with education.
  2. To destigmatise the public about mental health issues.

This campaign only began in 2012. Our theme last year was Depression/Suicide, and our main event was successfully held at The Curve where we had experiential exhibition, guest performances as well as educational booths to educate the public on the topic of depression.

This year on the other hand, we are targeting a new issue, which is ADDICTION.
We are determined to create a better understanding about ADDICTION.

Our objectives are as follows:

  1. Enlighten the public about what addiction actually is.
  2. Understand how addiction may be harmful to ourselves and people around us.
  3. Encourage people who are suffering from addiction to seek professional help.
  4. Educate the public on the proper methods to prevent addiction.

Whether or not we are suffering from addiction, it’s all about making a CHOICE.







Join us and let’s stand up against ADDICTION.
You can influence the world.

So, what do you have to do??

Just spread the awareness. For example, take a picture of yourself with an encouraging message to those who need your help and post it anywhere like your Facebook!
So, let’s spread the awareness such as the girl with a heart of gold below, people!


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