CM-Plus Corporation


Dear Malaysian students

CM Plus is a unique professional management company in Japan, specialized in supporting clients carrying out facility construction in life science industry (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.) After completion of the facilities, we also offer consulting service to ensure product quality, assist clients from facilities construction to production on an ongoing basis.

Seven years have passed since the company foundation, and now we have started to expand overseas business. In three years we aim to become an Asia leading company in this field. Reaching the second founding stage, we are looking for “global elite”- people who want to create their own business, and to play active role in global business

Malaysia is one of the most important countries in our overseas business expansion. We are going to establish a subsidiary in Malaysia in 2015. In the future, we want to let excellent people from Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia manage their own local business, that is why we want to develop human resources from now.

Our company owns top class technical expertise and project management techniques in the world, which are essential not only in life science industry, but also in the management of all large-scale projects. Not only can we teach you all the knowledge and techniques, also if you wish to start up business in your home country, we will fully support you. Our dream is that people who grew up in our company will scatter around the world, expanding their business in cooperation with our company.

Please come visit our booth to see if we can help you in your career plan.


Qualification requirements

  • Students who are expected to be university or academy graduate at the end of March 2015, or people who have the equivalent academic ability
  • Targets: Departments of science and engineering

 ※ Students who are expected to graduate in other time rather than March can also apply

Job description
Project Engineer (Engineering)
Ÿ   After joining the company, you are required to acquire the following professional management skills through in-house training and OJT (On the job training).

  • Engineer: Support clients’ facilities creation from business plan, design and construction to facilities maintenance.
  • Consultant: Provide advices about product quality control and quality assurance.
  • Project manager: Manage and control entire project from client’s perspective.

Number of recruitment: 1 to 2 people

Employment conditions and treatment

Type of employment

Full-time employment


Yokohama headquarters, foreign subsidiaries, domestic and overseas project sites

Job description

Engineering and consulting work for pharmaceutical and medical device industry

Start and finish times

8:30 am (opening) – 5:30 pm (finish)
12:00 – 13:00 (break time) 60 minutes

Overtime work



Every Saturday and Sunday, National Holiday, New Year holiday


Paid vacation, Childcare, Nursing, Maternity, Family events

Starting salary

Undergraduate: 250,000 yen per month
Graduate: 270,000 yen per month
※ Our company adopt an annual salary system, monthly amount above is obtained by dividing the annual salary by 12. This annual salary included overtime wages worth of working hours 40 hours per month

Salary and bonus revision

Salary revision: once a year (July)
Bonus: once a year(June)

Severance payment



Commuting allowance


Various social insurance (pension, health insurance employment insurance), congratulatory or condolence payments, regular health checks, incentive payments for qualification acquisition

Education system

Internal and external training, seminars and workshops


Recruitment as global elite. After working in company headquarters, you may be transferred to overseas subsidiaries or project sites. In that case, we will adjust the above terms and conditions according to work location.

 Selection methods and schedule

Until April 15, 2014 ※

Entry sheet acceptance※

From April 16 to June 18, 2014

Document screening and Notification of the results
The result will be notified by e-mail.

From April 21to May 2, 2014

Written test and interview

  • Interview will be conducted in Japanese for 15minutes, in English for 15minutes.
  • Essay test in Japanese. The topic will be presented on the day. Time limit is one hour.

Around May 7, 2014

Result and Notification
The result will be notified by email.

※ Please visit our HP to download entry sheet blank.

Contact and e-mail address for sending entry sheet
CM Plus Corporation
TEL :045-222-8710