[msaj_page_title title=”HANAMI 2017″ auther=”By BSC Team” date=”10/4/2017″]

What else should you be doing when it’s Spring time in Japan then seeing the cherry blossoms? Of course it’s the one season people are looking forward to, especially when following the customs of Japanese culture, Hanami is a must. This annual event aims to be the platform for Malaysian Students to get to know one another and for people from different backgrounds come together to witness the beauty of Sakura.

This year, MSAJ, in collaboration with Kelab UMNO Luar Negara (KULN) and Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program (MJHEP), organized a Hanami picnic on 2nd April located at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Representatives from the Embassy of Malaysia were present as well to join in the fun.

There were mini games and snacks organized by MJHEP, lunch was also prepared by KULN and of course the number one activity that has the most participants was the Photography Contest with the caption “#malaysianhanami2017”. Three amazing photos with creative captions including the hashtag itself were chosen as winners and indeed, there were prizes given, as well as Amazon Gift Cards. Are you jealous now?

This event would not be a success if nature didn’t play its part that day. Even though it was a little too early for the scenic lookout, we still manage to get a location where the sakuras were starting to bloom, and the petals were starting to turn pink just as what we expected. The weather was also perfect for a gathering as the spring breeze too, did its part in making people feel welcomed.

At the end of the day, new friends were exchanging phone numbers, beautiful photos were uploaded, cheesy pickup lines were heard, and everybody enjoyed the beautiful experience. Indeed, we look forward to the upcoming Hanami next year!

Written by,
Amirah MNoor