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Konica Minolta Business Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in May 2014 and located in Malacca City, Malaysia, in the southwestern coast of the Malay Peninsula. 
By also collaborating with its Southeast Asian sales and service headquarters in Singapore, it says it’ll be well-positioned to offer enhanced customer services in the region. 
The new manufacturing site for Multifunctional Peripheral (MFP) consumables will help Konica Minolta address risks with flexibility and build on its capabilities with improvement 
in business continuity.

Konica Minolta Group have developed various businesses with the base of 4 core techniques which are:
•	Information appliance business: Multifunctional Peripheral (MFP) which is compounded machine to be used in offices 
•	Functional material business: Organic electroluminescence illumination that changes the culture of the illumination.
•	Optic and measuring instrument business: Pickup lens for Laser disk for DVD and BD.
•	Health care business: Mammography that contributes to the discovery of the early stage breast cancer and others.   
Driven by the company's strong commitment to meeting these increasing needs and global development for the production of consumables and functional parts of core products 
of multi-functional peripherals -“bizhub-series.” We will be running as innovative model factory to showcase the excellence of production capability through introduction of 
state-of-the-art solution services such as ICT services and document management system which are currently being offered to customers of Konica Minolta.

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1.	Manufacturing Process Engineer/ Product Design Engineer/ Manufacturing IT Engineer/Material Engineer
•	Plan and coordinate manufacturing processes, as well as evaluate and improve manufacturing methods to maximize efficiency and profitability.
•	Apply principles of engineering, manufacturing technology and management science to the manufacturing process in order to make it as efficient as possible.
•	Implement cost-savings initiatives that remove non-value-added steps from the process, consequently saving time and money without impacting the product quality.
•	Work on the development and improvement of tools, systems and equipment related to different practices of manufacturing processes.
•	Gathers data quantifying process efficiency, analyses and recommends process improvements.
•	Design testing methods, conduct tests, and prepare reports on efficiency, both the efficiency of products and of manufacturing processes.
•	Prepares product and process reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing information and trends.
•	Develop the material for product especially environmental concerns.

2.	Quality Assurance Engineer
•	In-charge of incoming inspection parts quality.
•	Assist in negotiating and managing suppliers.
•	To support trouble shooting and provide feedback to manufacturing department on all incoming parts quality.
•	Direct the investigation of parts quality to suppliers and ensure supplier proper measures are taken where necessary.
•	Verify supplier corrective action to eliminate root cause and ensure countermeasure.
•	Deal with supplier on parts' specification, drawing and etc. changes.
•	Meeting sourcing goals across product group (Focused on Cost, Quality, Delivery)
•	Retrieve defect parts from process.
•	Responsible to ensure effective implementation of QMS, EMS, OSHAS.
•	Train and develop production TL and operator to achieve higher production efficiency and quality.

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