MSAJ Divisions Organization Structure

Please read below for basic description and task of each Committee Member and Bureaus.
For a more detailed and description, you may download a PDF copy of the MSAJ Constitution here (update in progress).


President: Lead the divisional administration and represent MSAJ according to each division.
Vice President: Assist the President and undertake the President’s tasks whenever he is unavailable
Secretary: Handling necessary book-keeping tasks and other clerical functions such as writing minutes of meeting, Yearly Divisional Report, etc.
Treasurer: Responsible for every matter related financially to MSAJ.


Registration: Responsible for matters pertaining to the registration of members, and maintaining membership database.
Web Systems: In charge of maintaining MSAJ’s(divisional) official website and administration of other web-related articles.
Welfare and Communication: Maintain the welfare and provide expendable support to members, handle communication with other entities relating to the interests of MSAJ.
Sports and Recreation: Sponsor sports and recreational activities on behalf of MSAJ.
Cultural and Social: Encourage and organize social and cultural activities on behalf of MSAJ.
Academic and Career: Provide information and support regarding to academic and career matters.