Company description 

MARUWA is the manufacturer of ceramics and electronic parts in Japan. Our products are widely used for electronic devices such as smart phones, hybrid cars, home electronics and LED lightings.

Blending our top-class ceramic material technologies with other technologies, we are creating unique high value products, not seen in other companies.

MARUWA (MALAYSIA) Sdn.Bhd is the largest manufacturing base, contributing to quantity production since it was launched in 1991.
Now we are planning to increase the productions of ferrite sheets for smart phones, ceramic substrates for Hybrid cars and LED lightings in Malaysia.

We are seeking candidates who are willing to have these technologies take root in Malaysia and to contribute to development of MARUWA(MALAYSIA).
We need both engineers and managements who are proficient in Japanese, who want to contribute to manufacturing technology between Japan and Malaysia, and who are willing to be candidates for executive positions in the future.

We are welcome for new graduates and experienced workers.



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