In this faceless digital world, the relevance of student association is always in question. This question arises as we continue to undermine the importance of face to face interaction in our daily life. It is very important for Malaysian abroad to get together so that we are reminded of our roots. Therefore, I would like to congratulate MSAJ committee efforts on keeping MSAJ lively and fun for Malaysian students in Japan.We hope MSAJ continues to be a supporting pillar to Embassy of Malaysia. Students account for almost a third of Malaysian in Japan and MSAJ has proven itself as a platform to reach out to Malaysian in Japan of pressing issues. In addition, MSAJ has successfully promoted unity among Malaysian of all races in Japan.

My aspiration is for MSAJ to show more to the Japanese about Malaysia. We want Malaysian to be known as first-class minded people who are equally competitive. Other than obtaining good grades in university examination, this is best demonstrated through MSAJ handling of programmes and activities with various local parties in Japan.

To participate actively in MSAJ is not an easy choice for any Malaysian student. One needs to be motivated by the spirit of wanting to contribute to fellow Malaysian to join MSAJ. In this regard, I hope more Malaysian students volunteered with MSAJ in organizing programmes or activities.

Study hard, have fun, get together, join MSAJ!



Counsellor (Education & Training)
Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo