Salam sejahtera and greetings,

To take over the habitual foreign students life in Japan, be a part of Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan is definitely a choice you would never regret. We aim to unite all Malaysian students in Japan, hence proactively support students to practice leadership and volunteerism while nurturing a long lasting friendships. We are celebrating our 41st anniversary this year with a total of 26 highly enthusiasm committees. Despite from different backgrounds, both scholarship students and self-funded students are actively committed to this big family. This was proven through the success of 4 annual events and 4 collaboration events. With the year 2017, we strive to maintain our reputation and expand our name of recognition to connect various organisations together and taking care of all the students welfare and benefits optimizely. This year we are glad to have representatives from MSAJ Tohoku, MSAJ Hokuriku and MSAJ Kansai joining our Gassyuku (合宿, Internal Day Camp)and being a part of Hari Sukan Malaysia 2017 organising team.

As a self-funded student, I have to prioritize my study while balancing my Arubaito (アルバイト, Part time job) , MSAJ, and personal life. Despite of the tight schedule, I always look forward to every meeting, and the precious moment with everyone. Being my third year in MSAJ, I can see it improving year by year with strategic projects and events management, comprehensive connections and increasing number of committees.

Last but not the end of course, I desire to place on record my personal appreciation to the embassy, our affiliates and partners for the endless support and advice throughout the year. I would like to thank all MSAJ committees who gone through the journey this year although sometimes it requires overwhelming time commitment. Without all of you, everything would just remain a dream, without you too, my life in this land of the rising sun wouldn’t be that gratifying. I am blessed with this multiracial family, whom, I loved and appreciate deep in my heart.


Warmest regards,
Zhi Xin