When I first joined the Malaysian Student Association Japan (MSAJ), it was not of my own volition. I was only interested to see what MSAJ embodies and how it is run. So I came to their Annual General Meeting early 2016. To my surprise, I was nominated to join the committee and eventually elected as the Bureau of Welfare and Communication on the same day. That was the start of my crazy ride with MSAJ navigating through Japan. I am now ending this journey this term as the vice president.
MSAJ embodies the spirit of unity and diversity. It is the only student association for Malaysian in Japan that welcomes Malaysian of all races and religion. Committees share familial bonds and care for each other sincerely. Diversity allows MSAJ to organize events that benefit all group of Malaysians in Japan. MSAJ is also non-partisan and have the support of the Malaysian embassy in Tokyo; highest office in the Malaysian government in Japan.
I believe that MSAJ can grow even bigger if Malaysians with big ambitions join the committee. After being a committee for two years, I have seen that MSAJ really has the resources and potential to grow even further. What MSAJ really need are committees that are willing to drive MSAJ further and steer it to success. I am certain that within five years, MSAJ can become the agent of change for all Malaysians in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. If there is passion, there will be success.
Joining MSAJ will definitely help you improve your social skills and fill up your resume with leadership skills. Events such as Career Fair, Edutalk and Malaysian Night requires a lot of teamwork, decision making skills and knowledge. By being a committee, you will get a chance to get involved in important events and organize your own event. In short, by doing your best as a committee, you will be able to enrich yourself with life-changing experience and indirectly change the lives of others.
I strongly believe that it is a waste to not leverage the 40+ years of experience, network and resource that MSAJ has. Join a committee and make a change. Take risks while you are a student and free. Life will not be the same when you start working. Even though I was elected without consent, I did not regret my decision to bear and continue with it.


Mark Lani
(Mohd Fateh Bin Mohd Lani)
Vice President