An excellent student has many definitions. My definition of being excellent is being able to allocate your time for studying and being able to contribute back to the society. I chose MSAJ as a medium to contribute back to the society as it also provides me with various benefits.

In MSAJ, we encourage all committee members to become a leader where everyone is in charge with their own projects through their bureau. Being a committee enables us to apply knowledge and enhance our project management skills in a safe environment where mistakes are allowed. We believe that this will improve their leadership skill and equip everyone with the required skills that will be useful in the future.

Besides, being in MSAJ presents us with many opportunities to learn about ourselves; our goals, our strengths and our weaknesses. We are able to learn from other people on how to handle a certain situation and how to make brain-wrecking decisions. There are many discussions done among each other before and after an event where we identify the weakness of an event, find where to improve and determine the yardstick of success for each event. We believe that this method will ensure that MSAJ will continue improving even though committees change every year.

Being a part of MSAJ is a moment that I will cherish. I hope MSAJ will continue being an organization that nurture growth in the coming years.


Mohammad Mikal
Vice President